Analysts say “The fact that Iphone 11 lacks 5G could bring about some hurt for IPhone sales in 2019, but Apple’s reputation won’t feel the brunt for long.”

To Iphone 11 users,

You won’t see 5G on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro or any Apple iPhone until at least 2020. Reason being that, because Apple and Qualcomm, which were until recently locked in a bracing legal battle, have kissed and made up, making a 5G iPhone possible>> If a little late. Other Android phone makers, from Samsung to the lesser-known OnePlus, are switching their attention to 5G data speeds (Verizon even rushed its first network launch in order to be the world’s first consumer available service). But for most buyers, it’ll hardly make a difference.


You won’t have to pay a 5G premium on your bill.

It isn’t just the parts that make 5G phones expensive. Your monthly 5G data plan is also expected to cost you. Verizon temporarily waived its initial $10 monthly surcharge, and there’s hope that at least some networks worldwide are bundling 5G pricing into a package deal. Yes as much as we want 5G to be free>> or at least included in the phones’ price>>you should at the very least expect to pay for an unlimited data plan.

So even if you’re spending a small fortune on that iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512 gigabytes of storage, at least the monthly 5G monthly pay is out of it.

5G network technology is a tangled mess, Ish.

The way smart phones tap into 5G networks>>a least early on>>is convoluted.

Tangled mess, in the sense that>>IPhones need to have a 5G capable chip and a matching 5G modem to connect to the network (right now they’re separate, and that takes up space). And each phone model only works with a specific network’s bands, so you can’t take your 5G phone from one carrier to another.

Soon, though, new chips are coming that will combine the parts into a smaller package that could make 5G phones thinner and cheaper. And multimodal modems will mean that a single phone could potentially hop networks.




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