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I see you want to uncover that mystery of the girl that has been acting funny, or you want to uncover the mystery of that guy that hasn’t been really straight with you. In short! No long story. You Sha want to view that WhatsApp message that was deleted and you don’t trust why the person deleted the message. Well I have you covered, the solution is here and it requires no third party apps. Hurray!!

This could be a whole lot annoying right!

Firstly, You’ll need to back up your WhatsApp chat. You can do that by going here;

>Settings>Chats>Chats Backup>Backup

After that, you’d have to Uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it back from your respective stores (Play Store, App Store). Then while logging in back, Click restore, and you get all your messages back. Most importantly, the deleted messages.

You’re probably wondering “What’s the magic behind it?”: Legend has it that, WhatsApp saves all message data on your phone storage. And the moment the sender sends a message it automatically gets saved on your phone storage. Now, even after your crush has deleted her message it doesn’t go! It stays, but that message is only covered up with “This message was deleted.” So, if you can restore your backed up messages you will get the message back without the cover up!

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